Child.ish On The 6th

I fell in love with this brand just recently thanks to the ‘explore’ option on Instagram. Child.ish timeline is so refreshing and captivating that it prompted my immediate perusal of their website. (I just love how IG lets you add a link to a website in your bio. It makes it easier for slightly fashion-obsessed moms like myself to access the sites I need in my life.)

I initially fell in love with the Banana Mayhem dress shown below. It is part of their SS15 collection. I pretty much gasped in excitement and marked my calendar for this drop so that I could snag this dress for my baby girl. It just screams summer and I FullSizeRender-6have some pretty fabulous times planned for the months of June-August and I need this item in my child’s suitcase. Yes, I said need and yes, I fully acknowledge that I may (or may not) have a problem. Ha!

Anyways, the website is very minimal–not a lot of fuss– like the pieces they create (which I enjoy). You can shop their outlet of the AW14 collection or set your sites on their Tumblr page by clicking on the ‘Inspiration‘ link provided or on their website.

Here are some photos of the pieces you’ll find in the SS15 collection that droped today! Set your hearts (and wallets) on one of these items and dont look back. As with all small-shop brands, there are only a hand-full of stockist that feature the brand and items are sure to sell out. There are only two stockist in the USA but if you’re willing to fork over a little bit more for shipping, you can order from the likes of Canada or Australia.








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