Dear Duchess + Lion, I Want It All

Duchess + Lion was the first mom-owned (this mom’s name is Stacie) small shop I came to love. Luckily, it was right around the time that she expanded from a one-woman design/production team to 3 seamstresses (or so I think that is the story) and opened an online e-commerce website Duchess + Lion which allowed for more mamas to get their hands on these amazing pieces. (Before this, she had a similar set up to the one I explained in my Elskan post).

The only down-side to being able to get me hands on more of Stacie’s amazing pieces? I get my hands on more of these amazing pieces! My bank account (and, I’m sure, my husband) weeps. Here are some of the item’s hanging in my baby girl’s closet. Go ahead, fall in love! But, fair warning! most of these pieces are sold out…


artiststyled bad apple





floral trouser


Before you catch the blues because you cant get your kiddos in these specific pieces, D+L will be dropping a new line this week! Go to the D+L website and look around, you will love the work and what they stand for. Here is a bit about them taken right from the website.

We care for humanity, our kids, and their future.  That is why our creations are and will always be ethically produced by manufactures in the United States that abide by fair labor laws.  We strongly believe in making a better tomorrow for all citizens, including our own two children.  We hand source every piece of fabric, create every pattern, and carefully oversee the stitching of every garment.  And above all else, we are a family here at Duchess and Lion Clothing, LLC.

Hard not to appreciate a brand like this, am I right? 

Until next time!

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