Lewis & Clark Meets Izzy & Ferd

It’s time to take your kids on an expedition! Perhaps, a less dangerous version of the notorious Lewis & Clark tale. Izzy & Ferd’s SS15 collection is the perfect depiction of an epic tale. Designed and produced in Los Angeles, Izzy & Ferd is a great example of a small, local, business.

While I did not purchase anything from this drop, (a girl’s gotta practice some self-control with her wallet every now and again) I can speak on the quality of this brand from past purchases. The colors are vibrant and the material is soft.  I’d have to say that my favorite piece from this drop is the Mustang Onsie (I’m partial to horse prints even though I’m a total city girl!). If you or your child is one that is called to nature more times than not, I think these pieces will have you hooked.
bison_tank_front_2048x2048hawk_t-shirt_front_2048x2048 lewis_clark_t-shirt_front_2048x2048 mustang-onesie-front_2048x2048 pine_needles_t-shirt_front_2048x2048



Cindy Pulido’s love affair with clothing began before she was even born. Her grandfather was a master tailor in Vietnam, and through fate or destiny, transferred this love to her. She finds inspiration from her love of clothes, love of literature, and her son.

Joe Pulido has a deep and abiding love for great storytelling. He majored in English Literature at UCLA, where he met his wife Cindy. He believes that while ideas are powerful, stories give them the wings to fly.

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