Kenzie Jaws & I’m in Love

Kenzie Jaws was started by Kenzie, a mother of 3, in 2013. Originally selling paintings and hand stamped beanies and turbans, Kenzie Jaws grew into a wonderful small shop offering up cool printed tees and flower crowns (the crowns come in adult sizes! Channel your inner flower child). What’s even cooler, the designs are hand drawn by Kenzie herself or collabs with awesome artists she’s met along the way.

I ordered the ‘Take Me Back To Wonderland’ tee and the ‘Curls Gone Wild’ sweatshirt and can vouch for the quality–super soft fabric and well-done prints. Kenzie Jaws works primarily on pre-orders so be prepared for a 3-4 week turn around but, trust me, it will be an awesome mail day when your package arrives.
FullSizeRender-36 FullSizeRender-38 FullSizeRender-34 FullSizeRender-37 Image-1

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