Lady Thirty|| Illustrator/Mom

I found Maria Andersson online while looking for amazing illustrators to capture the likeness of my kiddos. I immediately fell in love with her style of drawing. I thought it was very unorthodox and hip and fun and everything I wanted in a drawing of my babies.

I contacted her and within a few days Maria aka Lady Thirty responded and so our relationship began. She is a very humble and lovely lady. In addition to being a mother (the best title any woman can have!) she is an accomplished illustrator in children’s books.

She also does freelance/custom orders and sells some of her illustrations here. What I found most adorable about her custom drawings is that she draws the children wearing some of my favorite small shop brands!

Mini Rodini here…. vvv

+ my baby girl in Bobo Choses here! vvv


I am such a fan. Check out her website or IG page (@ladythirty) and enjoy the visuals!

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