I Hate Unicorns…Said No One Ever

Is it just me or is there some serious unicorn obsession sweeping the nation?! All kinds of unicorn inspired merchandise is popping up everywhere & I’m not mad about it.

I’ve even decided to theme Milly’s birthday party after this trend. I’m most definitely more excited than she is seeing as how she’s only turning 2 and would probably be happy with a single balloon and ice-cream. (She’ll be getting those things too! Of course, the balloon is a unicorn balloon. Of course.)

I’ve put together some of my favorite unicorn products out there (for kiddos & mamas) right here on the blog.



1// Unicorn Wall Art [here] – I love this take on the unicorn.

2// Rainbow Unicorn Float [here] – I mean…If I had a pool…

3// Nila Anthony Highway Unicorn Crossbody Bag [here] – this is for the mama who is still a kid at heart.

4// Geometric Rainbow Unicorn Brooch [here] – I’m a big pin fan so this spoke to me. I think it’s adorable and will add some whimsy to any outfit.

5// The Claude Unicorn Pillow [here] – Claude HAS to be the coolest boy unicorn ever imagined.

6// Pretty in Pink Unicrown [here] – I would love to see this as a photo prop or on some toddler for a birthday party or, you know, grocery shopping.

7// Teacher’s Pet Unicorn Backpack [here] – For the coolest kid in the class

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