For You on Mother’s Day

Let’s be real: as a mom, you are always putting your family first. The little humans get the best and newest things that can be worn, played with, and read. Meanwhile, you are still wearing maternity jeans 9 months past delivery.

I’m guilty of this as well. I didn’t buy myself new clothes until I went back to work a year after my daughter was born. I figured my maternity jeans and my favorite “You & Me, Baby” maternity tee were not office attire. (I finally got rid of all my maternity clothes. I’m trying my best not to become a hoarder.)

I put together some items that I would love to get for Mother’s Day (or any day). Everything from a new favorite tee to a cool spin on some of the most common gifts given around this time. I hope you find something you love in this short list. Pass it on to friends or, better yet, your significant other. I’m not above giving blatant hints to get what I want. We deserve cool gifts too!


1//But First Coffee Mug [here] – From one mom to another, this mug seriously says it all.

2//Super Mom Azaleas [here] -Flowers just advanced to a whole new level with this vase!

3//Hoppa Bunny Candle [here] -New take on gifting a candle. As it burns, prepare yourself for a little surprise!

4//Fierce Like Frida Tee [here] -New favorite tee in a perfect color for spring/summer

5//  Forestbound ESCAPE Traveler [here] -If I’m not gifted with this soon, I’m buying it myself. It’s just too good.

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