Crazy Carting- Liboosha

Over the past few months, Liboosha, has been “breaking the internet” (You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to say that) with mini releases of über rare pieces for your little ones. Mostly on their IG handle @liboosha. I have missed all of these & have been all together heartbroken. (Have I mentioned that I am a little dramatic?)

These babies (below) were actually released on their website. I missed out on these too because my ninja hands failed me and everything sold out in minutes. I was especially lusting over the crop top. I mean, LOOK at those colors and the fringe and the pattern…I wanted to add that Milly’s wardrobe so bad–you have no idea.


If the pieces above don’t convince you to join in on the crazy carting world that is Liboosha, take a look at these tees (below). Hand sewn, dyed, and printed by the one-woman show that runs this amazing brand.12976397_621144388032702_1445940219_n.jpg12918472_877619722346871_456303730_n.jpg

These tees were released at the end of April & I snagged both. Yesssss.

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