Music Chronicles: 10 Songs Perfect For Summer

I grew up listening to all genres of music…Boys 2 Men, Sam Cooke, Christina Aguilera, Micheal Jackson (I listened to Michael Jackson so much when I was younger, I actually thought he was of MY generation.) Yea- my mom probably would’ve been one of those girls that cried and passed out at his concert had she ever gotten the opportunity. Her love for him was REAL…and so was mine.

My mom was also pretty tight fisted with the TV remote so music was my real form of entertainment. I want to give that same love for music to my kiddos.

Let’s be honest, I like a good Disney song as much as the “dancing in diapers” crew but I can only listen to ‘Blue Ribbon Bunny’ or ‘Everybody Wants To Be a Cat’ so many times before I start losing my grip.

Here are some of my favorite, kid-friendly, songs for summer.I’m thinking: beach visits, road trips, sunny days out in the yard…you get the idea.

Click my lovely logo below to listen to my playlist or just scroll down to take notes on some killer summer jams to listen to later.


       1.The Beatles– Here Comes The Sun

imgres.jpg        2. Coldplay– Strawberry Swing


3. The La’s– There She Goes


4. The Lumineers– Flowers In Your Hair


5. Gavin DeGraw– Best I Ever Had


6. Lauryn Hill– Doo Wop (That Thing)


7. Justin Timberlake– Señorita


8. Felix Jaehn & Jasmine Thompson– Aint Nobody


9. Ben Howard– Old Pine


    10. Gallant– Talking To Myself


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