Favorite Metallic Finds

Since I was (still am) a big, huge, fan of the unicorn trend it should come as no surprise that I am equally loving the iridescent/metallic trend that took Summer ’16 by storm.  I curated a short list of items that I love for Makenzie….and for me…I’d totally wear those wings and headphones with no shame.

Side Note: I love the word “curated”…it sounds so official when really I just spend way too much time window shopping (read: trolling the internet) for unique/cool/fun things for my little people.


one: Iridescent Keyring by Numero 74

two: Adidas Superstar Athletic Shoe in Iridescent

three: Frends ‘Layla‘ Oil Slick Headphones

four: Angel Wings in Metallic Gold by Maileg

five: Kane Backpack in Metallic Purple by State Bag

Texas Summer is Still Strong- Swimsuits Needed

One of the few benefits of the Texas Summer Heat is that swimsuits go on sale waaaaay before southerners pack them away for the fall and winter. I mean, even though we are in hurricane season, we had 100+ degree weather a couple of weeks ago and that heat isn’t going away over night.

Also, I’m planning a trip to Puerto Rico in January so I’m still on the hunt for swimsuits for the kids. My babes are growing like weeds so I’m putting my scientific-mom brain to work to guestimate what size my kids will be in 5 months [insert a rolling eye emoji here].


While my kids are about 17 months apart, I can’t help but think it’s adorable to match them like they are twins sometimes. Hopefully they won’t hate me for it when they get older. Hopefully I’ll realize that they are too old for this before they turn 12…..

Anyways, I found some super cute swimsuits that tend to my “twinning” obsession. Bobo Choses, Noe & Zoe, Tiny Cottons, and Nununu for the win.

Brand Review:Wrare Doll

I was the mom-to-be that swore I would not dress my daughter like a human doll/prima-donna. It wasn’t my style, I hated the idea that ‘the pinker, the better’ is an actual rule of thumb for dressing infant/toddler girls.

I stuck to my guns for a long time–Makenzie wore blue, yellow, black, brown…she didn’t even own a skirt until she was almost 2. I was told, on multiple occasions, how cute my “son” was. I was, by no means, dressing my baby girl like a boy but the fact that I wasn’t following the socially accepted norm of gender specific apparel, clearly, confused people.

Anyways, I gave you that long, drawn out intro to explain the weight behind the fact that I am absolutely in love with the tutus found at Wrare Doll. They are extremely whimsical and girly and fun and so much of everything that I was completely against at first.


Now, I am completely obsessed with the tutu trend. This is compounded by the fact that Makenzie will soon be in dance class. I never thought I would be excited to be a dance mom. Don’t get me wrong, I hope that she turns to competitive, team sports like I did but I’m down for the ride either way. Anyways, who says you can’t wear tutus and play basketball? Not at the same time…but you get what I’m saying.

Wrare Doll is owned and operated by Annie Casale out of Florida and worth checking out.

 Still being true to my naturally tom-boyish ways, I bought my babe a black tutu and styled it a little edgy by tying her shirt up. I’m thinking this is the perfect compromise of my style and what Wrare Doll is all about.

What do you think?

Festival Fever- What To Wear

Growing up in Texas, Austin was a hot-spot for getting away, getting out, and having fun. ATX is considered the “Music Capital” of Texas and it definitely lives up to that name. You can barely walk 2 blocks without hearing live music. Everything from starving musicians to nationally acclaimed bands who just happened to stop by. It’s just the culture. For those reasons, and many more, festival season is near&dear to my heart.

With SXSW (South By Southwest) just passing & Coachella rolling into it’s last weekend, I thought it would be fun to put together some cool festival-inspired looks for you and your littles.

Of course, a lot of these brands are considered small shops–hand sewn, personally curated, well made/loved items for your littles. As you know (because I’m always harping on this topic–sorry! (not sorry)) , I really think it’s important to support the entrepreneurs (or mom-preneurs) in the world and these brands know what they are doing! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll shop any and everywhere- from second hand stores to Neiman Marcus-but my heart is with the small shops and if it fits, I support. Check ’em out!



Mama Bear

1// I think I love you Dress [here] – channeling my inner Stevie Nicks with this one

2// Skinny Scarf [here] – if you’re someone like me who loves a scarf but lives in 90+ degree summers.

3//Platform Sandal [here] – for me, black is “in season” all year long so a black sandal is the obvious choice.

4//Camille Fringe Bag [here] – fringe for dayyyssss

Little Miss

5// Studded Gladiator Sandals [here] – these little sandals are to die for

6//Flutter By Top [here] – it’s the perfect mix of edgy & whimsy which I love for my little girl

7//Susies Custom Shorties [here] – as seen on all the cool celebrity kids

Little Man

8//Bliss Tour Concert Tee [here] + you’ve got to check out the tour dates graphic on the back of this tee!

9//Arizona Shorts [here] – a good wash can take a pair of jeans a long way and you can be fun without going crazy with your little man

10//Tartan Socks [here] – I’m a sucker for grid patterns

11// 574 Acrylic NB Sneaker [here] – New Balance is really hitting the “super cool” mark this summer!


The Magpie Co. is everything I love about celebrating & supporting mom-preneurs from all around. It is a small shop at its finest. The owner, Elizabeth Conner has been sewing and selling handmade good since her teenage years. In 2014, she opened The Magpie Co. for business and found her passion in children’s apparel.

While she is located in North Carolina, I found her on IG where she has a solid following of over 35k. Her design is comfy and modern–lots a crops, flutter sleeves, and swing dresses. What’s not to love?!

FullSizeRender 6.jpgFullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender 4.jpgFullSizeRender 2.jpgFullSizeRender 3.jpgFullSizeRender 5.jpg

Note to moms everywhere: Turn-around time for Elizabeth’s pieces are 4-5 weeks so take into consideration how fast your little weed is growing. (I made that mistake when I first started shopping small-by the time I got the beautiful romper I ordered in the mail, it barely fit Milly. Oops!) This isn’t the Gap–you are receiving a well-made, well-loved piece for your child. Not a mass-manufactured item & that is the beauty of it!

Bobo Choses-Der Blaue Reiter


Bobo Choses’ SS 16 collection has completely given me life. Named, Der Blaue Reiter, Bobo Choses took inspiration from the Der Blaue Reiter art movement lasting from 1911 to 1914, fundamental to Expressionism, named after this Kandinsky painting:


Other inspiration for this line come from the other genius artists that made up the movement:


Franz Marc


Auguste Macke

Beautiful, right? Well, Kandinsky, Marc, and Macke have been well represented in this line. Take a look at these beauties and tell me what you think.

FullSizeRender 5.jpgFullSizeRender 3.jpgFullSizeRender 4.jpgFullSizeRender 2.jpgFullSizeRender 7.jpgFullSizeRender 6.jpg

But, wait, it gets better. They have a mama line! WHAT?!

Twinning just got real.


Brands That Make Parent/Child Twinning Easy: Thief & Bandit

I was going to give a nice little intro like I usually do to present a new brand. Thief & Bandit, however, have this amazing graphic on their ‘About’ page that I couldn’t resist using it to introduce them. Anyways, who better to tell you about Thief & Bandit than Thief & Bandit, right?! I digress:

I absolutely love this brand–the designs and patterns are so fanciful and really grasp the beauty of being out doors. What makes T&B even more lovable is that the patterns are totally do-able for mom and babe #twinning. 

And, lets not forget how special the small-business process can be: T&B’s patterns start as ink drawings and are burned into giant silk screens. They print the fabric in the attached workshop of Amie’s house and all garments are sewn by a single seamstress, Carly, in thier downtown studio. Truly hand-made. Truly a small business.

'Desert Floral' Pocket Skirt

‘Desert Floral’ Pocket Skirt

'Desert Floral' Twirling Dress

‘Desert Floral’ Twirling Dress

'Antique Vase' Full Circle

‘Antique Vase’ Full Circle

'Antique Vase' Leggings

‘Antique Vase’ Leggings

'Scavenger' Tee Shirt

‘Scavenger’ Tee Shirt

'Scavenger' Sweatshirt

‘Scavenger’ Sweatshirt

Blast From The Past

Some of our fondest childhood memories come from the most unexpected of places: watching the same movie over and over with cousins/siblings or dancing around while reciting every-single-word to some song that, at that very moment, was the greatest song you had ever heard…or pretending you were a part of some epic band in the mirror. Thanks to my mom introducing me to the pop culture of her childhood and the awesomeness of growing up in the 90’s, I have a fondness for children’s clothing that pays homage to the greats from generations past. Here are some of my favs.

Side-note: my all-time favorite may be the tee & onsie from Tribe is Alive that recites lyrics from Skee-Lo ‘I Wish‘. I actually remember watching this music video (you know, back when MTV was actually about the music) on my grandparents tv ( the kind that you actually couldn’t mount on a wall because the back end of the device was the size of a baby calf). I bounced around reciting the words with my cousin, so proud of myself for learning all the rap lyrics. Good times…good times.

Johnny Cash Raglan by Rowdy Sprout

Johnny Cash Raglan by Rowdy Sprout

Munster DMC by Munster Kids

Munster DMC by Munster Kids


Munster ET Raglan Tee

Hendrix tank by Quinn and Fox

Hendrix tank by Quinn and Fox

The Who tee- Hatch For Kids

The Who tee- Hatch For Kids

2PAC tee- Hatch for Kids

2PAC tee- Hatch for Kids

Little Bit Taller Onsie- Tribe is Alive

Little Bit Taller Onsie- Tribe is Alive

Baller tee- Tribe is Alive

Baller tee- Tribe is Alive

Half Pint Kids Pack A Major Punch

Isabell, a SAHM, is the owner of Half Pint Kids and offers a collection of solid (as in, well designed&crafted!) children’s pieces. I could describe Half Pint Kids in 3 words: chic, classic, fun. Originally a felt bow brand operating under the name of Lil’Belle, Half Pint Kids has transitioned into an amazing small shop for the “hip half pint”.

FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-3


Let’s Celebrate!|4th of July Style

In my opinion, any holiday is a reason to dress your kiddos up in a holiday-inspired outfit (hopefully they wont hate me for it later)! July 4th speaks to our patriotism, our pride in being American so, of course, I’m bringing you some great July 4th-inspired pieces made by small businesses–right here in the U.S. of A. Take a look and, if you hurry, your kiddo[s] can rock these pieces this upcoming 4th! This holiday has just become a tad bit cooler. Enjoy!

Indie-Pendence by CampLight Apparel

1.Indie-Pendence by CampLight Apparel

Stars + Stripes collab by Free Babes + Half Pint Kids

2.Stars + Stripes collab by Free Babes + Half Pint Kids

mixed print|Stars+Stripes skirt by Pudge and Pigtails

3.mixed print|Stars+Stripes skirt by Pudge and Pigtails

Summetime Popsicle by Tribe is Alive

4.Summetime Popsicle by Tribe is Alive

Rompers by Shop Sweet Threads' Paush line

5.Rompers by Shop Sweet Threads’ Paush line

'NICO', the July 4th-inspired bloomers by Billie Blooms

6.’NICO’, the July 4th-inspired bloomers by Billie Blooms

'Model Behavior-Patriotic Tee' by Pomp Kids

7.’Model Behavior-Patriotic Tee’ by Pomp Kids

Star Spangled Dress by Little Bow and Arrow

8.Star Spangled Dress by Little Bow and Arrow

  1. CampLight Apparel
  2. Free Babes + Half Pint Kids
  3. Pudge and Pigtails
  4. Tribe is Alive
  5. Shop Sweet Threads
  6. Billie Blooms
  7. Pomp Kids
  8. Little Bow and Arrow