Lady Thirty|| Illustrator/Mom

I found Maria Andersson online while looking for amazing illustrators to capture the likeness of my kiddos. I immediately fell in love with her style of drawing. I thought it was very unorthodox and hip and fun and everything I wanted in a drawing of my babies.

I contacted her and within a few days Maria aka Lady Thirty responded and so our relationship began. She is a very humble and lovely lady. In addition to being a mother (the best title any woman can have!) she is an accomplished illustrator in children’s books.

She also does freelance/custom orders and sells some of her illustrations here. What I found most adorable about her custom drawings is that she draws the children wearing some of my favorite small shop brands!

Mini Rodini here…. vvv

+ my baby girl in Bobo Choses here! vvv


I am such a fan. Check out her website or IG page (@ladythirty) and enjoy the visuals!

See You Later Alligator for Mini Rodini SS15

Mini Rodini drops the first part of their SS15 collection next week, January 29 to be exact, and I couldn’t be more excited. The collection is called See You Later Alligator and is inspired by fishy life with lovable colors like Seaweed Green, Florida Orange, and Sunset Pink! Fun, right?! Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect from this collection:





I’m a sucker for matching my little ones in some way so I’ll probably try to scoop the Merpeople dress and shirt. I mean, really, look at these prints–they are to die for! This brand speaks so clearly to the fun and curiosities all children should enjoy growing up. I first fell in love with this brand about a year ago when their SS14 line dropped and it had the sweetest Mini Zoologist shirt. Of course, I bought it and, to this day, my son still wears it–put the rigors of toddlerhood, Mini Rodini is of great quality.

Let me introduce you to this brand if you are hearing about it for the first time.

Mini Rodini is based out of Scandinavia and was founded in 2006 by Cassandra Rhodin. The brand started small, debuting in a few Stockholm shops and sold out almost immediately. Since then, Mini Rodini has grown into an international sensation loved for its unique take on children’s clothes (which is to take into consideration a child’s personality, imagination, and mood) and respected for its ethical and sustainable commitment to the environment. Mini Rodini is made fromĀ organic and recycled material and stands on practices of ethical responsibility throughout– from company culture to the initial design phase, the cotton fields, supply chains and transportation all the way to the end-consumer.

What’s not to love?