Around Town- River Walk

Fiesta had just wrapped up in San Antonio so the spirit was still high. In all honesty, the Mexican culture and the need to celebrate it is always high in my home town.



I took the kids home to visit family and in all the “hustle & bustle” I had managed to spend all of ZERO time with my mom. So…in a last ditch effort to get some face time with her, I suggested that we go downtown to the river walk, early Sunday morning, before the kids and I got back on the road.


Growing up in San Antonio, I took for granted all the treasures around me. Now, as an adult, I have a real appreciation for those things and want to share them with my kiddos. River boat tours are pretty popular among tourists and for good reason. The tour is inexpensive, not too short or long in duration, you almost always enjoy a good breeze thanks to the water and huge trees that surround the river, and an amazing tour guide handing you interesting and entertaining facts (& fiction) along the way. A sort of soothing voice and and a good sense of humor must be at the top of the ‘Requirements’ list for the tour guides because each tour that I have logged into my memory has given me an excellent tour guide. You know, the kind that is funny without trying (but they must be trying because….I mean, come on) and easy on the ears.


The kids had a blast on the boat and even managed to shower each-other with hugs and kisses in between exclamations of excitement and pointing out to me, a thousand times, that we were going under a bridge.

Seriously, San Antonio is a magical place. While many Texans would criticize our lack of a skyline, it is because so much of our downtown is rooted in history and protected by the government; it can’t be touched…and in a way it has given my hometown a nostalgic feel and a sense of rich culture.


It really is a joy to go home–each and every time. Especially now that I have kids. It just brings a whole new level of magic.

Around Town

I went home this past weekend (super last minute, with very little time to do anything) and we made the most of our 30-hour window. Lots of food, fruit picking (& throwing), and dirty toes thanks to my aunts’ secret garden of a front yard.

We drove in around 7PM on Friday and I pretty much handed the kids off to my mom and took a 2 hour nap.

As if a 2-lane highway isn’t bad enough, one lane was closed for construction so the usual 3 hour drive turned into a 5 hour drive without anywhere to pull over for a rest or bathroom break. RJ had a loose poop incident and I had to tuck a diaper into my jeans to pee while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Yea–that happened. Hashtag: Epic Fail.

Anyways, Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Magnolia Pancake Haus (as seen on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives).


This place really is amazing–If you’ve never been to one, definitely seek one out. I ordered bacon pancakes and corn beef hash.







Cream mustache



Around to the back!


Backyard shenanigans at Magnolia

Later that day we went to my aunts’ house and had some good, old-fashioned garden fun. My aunt, funny enough, calls herself the “accidental gardener”; if she sees a plant or a flower she loves, she just grabs some of the buds and plants them in her yard, haphazardly.







There is absolutely nothing like being home.