Quinn + Fox Has Finally Announced a Drop Date For The Blackbird!

I can’t help but love a brand created and produced in the U.S but when it’s as fun and quirky as this brand right here, I become completely smitten. Based out of Los Angeles, Quinn + Fox is an eco-friendly, globally inspired brand that promotes artistry and creativity. What I love most (& I love a lot of things about this brand) is that they team up with artist from all over the world ( Canada, Ukraine, and France just to name a few) and put aFullSizeRender_2ctual art to clothes. Another great aspect is that artist are encouraged to contact if interested in collaborating with them. There is no, waiting and hoping or figuring out a way to get their attention. Quinn+Fox seems genuinely interested in art and is looking to collaborate with artists! I love that. 

The photos featured in this post are from the up and coming Blackbird Collection. They have been giving amazing sneak peaks of the collection on their IG page. I’m pretty sure I will have to snag the ‘Hendrix’ and the Moon Man tee for RJ. I love how the collection was named after the Beatles song. “Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these broken wings & learn to fly. All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arrive.” I think this song rings true to the wild&free resilience that is childhood. FullSizeRender

Quinn + Fox explained this collection as “inspired by music and trends of the sixties through nineties. Blackbird by the Beatles was such an influential time in the history of music. Nirvana, in the nineties was a whole decade of influence on the youth of that time. We are promoting love as most did in the sixties and we cannot wait for everyone to be able to purchase a piece of art influenced by the mentioned time frame.”

That explanation was posted to their IG and after reading it, I was 100% sold on this collection. After lots of anticipation, Quinn+Fox has finally announced its drop date for the Blackbird:
February 16 at 9pm PST

I am currently listening to The Beatles (White Album) and am letting them lull me into the acceptance that Quinn + Fox will be receiving my credit card information very very soon.