Brands That Make Parent/Child Twinning Easy: Thief & Bandit

I was going to give a nice little intro like I usually do to present a new brand. Thief & Bandit, however, have this amazing graphic on their ‘About’ page that I couldn’t resist using it to introduce them. Anyways, who better to tell you about Thief & Bandit than Thief & Bandit, right?! I digress:

I absolutely love this brand–the designs and patterns are so fanciful and really grasp the beauty of being out doors. What makes T&B even more lovable is that the patterns are totally do-able for mom and babe #twinning. 

And, lets not forget how special the small-business process can be: T&B’s patterns start as ink drawings and are burned into giant silk screens. They print the fabric in the attached workshop of Amie’s house and all garments are sewn by a single seamstress, Carly, in thier downtown studio. Truly hand-made. Truly a small business.

'Desert Floral' Pocket Skirt

‘Desert Floral’ Pocket Skirt

'Desert Floral' Twirling Dress

‘Desert Floral’ Twirling Dress

'Antique Vase' Full Circle

‘Antique Vase’ Full Circle

'Antique Vase' Leggings

‘Antique Vase’ Leggings

'Scavenger' Tee Shirt

‘Scavenger’ Tee Shirt

'Scavenger' Sweatshirt

‘Scavenger’ Sweatshirt